Aldea – The Dark Ages

“The heart is dead. The once splendorous ivory throne has been lost to shadow. But Aldea will not fall. When the Tyrant took the throne, many of us fled the capital, taking refuge where we could. We were hunted, persecuted, driven from our homes. Many of our former allies now bend their knee. But we will not. We will fight, and we will die to free our beloved Aldea from the Usurper’s yoke.”

Welcome to Aldea – The Dark Ages, a classic fantasy game about high adventure, rebellion, and heroism, powered by Fate Core.

Aldea, a nation once standing proud and strong, has been usurped by a tyrannical king who now rules over the lands with an iron fist. Where once trade prospered and races mingled freely, now the roads lay bare and non-humans are persecuted from their homes. Arcane academies which used to produce day-to-day conveniences for both nobles and commoners alike have been outlawed and mages are hunted by the feared Inquisition – the right hand organization of the so-called King Magnus I.

While the tyrant’s iron grip holds the country firm, there are many to oppose this rule, risking not only their own lives, but those around them as well. The player characters are a band of young companions, intending to oppose the new regime in what ways they can. While liberating the land entirely of the tyrant’s influence might seem a daunting task, there are always those who are in need of help, and perhaps eventually an opportunity might present itself…

Aldea - The Dark Ages