Lord Sayvin Falish

True Prince of Aldis


Name: Sayvin Falish
Age: 31
Race: Human
Allegiance: Hart Loyalists
First seen: N/A
Last seen: N/A


Formerly a lord and before that a prince, Sayvin Falish has not had an easy life. Presumed heir for King Haylin, he instead witnessed the coronation of Queen Jaellin. Despite this, he served the crown all he could, but once the usurper took the throne, he lost heart. On a diplomatic mission to Jarzon at the time of the coup, instead of returning to Aldis to fight the tyrant, he decided to remain in Jarzon, living off the meager hospitality of the Jarzonites. Some say he stayed because he was gathering an army to retake what he believes is rightfully his, but most proclaim him a coward, fleeing his homeland instead of facing his adversary.

Lord Sayvin Falish

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