King Magnus I

The Tyrant of Aldis


Name: King Magnus I, Magnus Thaddeus Thoridun, King of Aldis
Age: 56
Race: Human
Allegiance: himself
First seen: N/A
Last seen: N/A

Known Aspects:

High Concept: Tyrant King of Aldis
Magnus Thoridun is the usurper king of Aldis, having overthrown the previous monarch – Queen Jaella – from her thrown and ushered in an age of martial law. Wielding limitless power in the kingdom, he works to secure his realm from dissidents.


Once a minor noble stationed near Elsport in the south, Magnus Thaddeus Thoridun somehow acquired both the will and the power to launch a coup in Aldis, usurping the throne off Queen Jaella. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to secure his new kingdom. Nobody knows how he managed the power, or how he could stop the Golden Hart from intervening.

King Magnus I

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