The capital city of Jarzon is the center of the Church of the Pure Light, and thus the holiest city of the nation. Housing around two hundred thousand inhabitants, it is the largest city in Jarzon, but even so pales in comparison to the major cities of Aldis. The city itself, like most other Jarzoni settlements, is built as a massive stone fortress, with high stone walls and a tireless ever-vigilant watch. Leogarth has not suffered an attack in generations, but security is still tight.

The city is built in a regular and orderly plan, with simple but sturdy buildings that lack much embellishment, echoing the nature of Jarzon. However, while the exterior is gray, stern and guarded, the insides of homes are often warm and inviting. Buildings are built around the prominent hearth to honor their god Leonoth, and the Jarzoni take pride in their hospitality. Visitors are always welcome and treated courteously, and the inns and feast halls in Leogarth are filled with chatter, singing and dancing; the simple pleasures in life.

In the middle of the city lies the Plaza of the Sun, where the Great Temple, the Hierophant’s Palace, and other important structures can be found.

The Great Temple is the most impressive building in the city, with soaring towers and tall windows, decorated to honor the God of the Hearth. Inside the engraved great double-doors lies a high gallery overlooking the central hearth-fire, which eternally burns in a cavernous hall, a symbol of faith that endures in darkness without ever extinguishing.

The Hierophant himself leads daily worship in the Great Temple, but resides in the nearby palace. While an ornate and ostentatious building, it still pales to the Great Temple. While the temple is open to all, the palace is carefully guarded by the Knights of Purity and open only to visitors.


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